Warning...Malicious Ransomware

I am sure you have heard about the Ransomware that has been spreading , On Friday May 12, 2017 , Many of our customers were victims of a malicious worldwide attack from ransomware called “WannaCrypt, also known as , Wannacry, and Wcrypt” . The ransomware targets Windows Computers. It may enter the system through email and can spread through Local Area Network Connections (LAN) . Once the computer is infected, the ransomware can lock the hard disk and a threat appears for you to pay $300 to unlock. Many people have paid this ransom, only to find out that the files are not unlocked and cannot be recovered. It was very painful for us to see how this ransomware has affected many people and businesses. As the ransomware has been spreading rapidly, we are taking steps to make sure your educated and can prevent this type of attack from happening to you or your business.

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