V-Tech VM312 Video Baby Monitor

Are you a stay at home mom, or a busy dad? Do you have children that require you to have a third eye in your home?

If you are needing a baby monitor, this is for you. I am a work from home mom with two energetic boys a three year old and a 4 month old. When I am multi-tasking I need extra eyes. So, I decided to purchase a camera. My search for a new camera was not difficult only lengthy. With many options to choose from, I spent more time researching. I wanted a camera that will allow me the ability to see my children and not have to spend over $100 for a video monitor. I found the VTech VM312 Video Baby Monitor.

Let me share my experience with this video monitor.

The unit was easy to setup. I did not need instructions to put it together. The main monitor (parent unit) comes with a battery and chargers for all three units. Like the parent unit, you cannot use the 2 non-parent units without the charger. The controls are easy and simple to use, For ex: one click on the zoom button and the video is zoomed in. My only complaint is the parent unit would lose the connection and it would beep every second. Sometimes, the units will connect on their own. I had one incident that I had to re-pair the units to the parent unit manually.

Below will sum up the pros and cons in buying this video monitor.

If you can see past the cons, you are on a budget, and need something to help you in your current situation, I would recommend this product. It does what it claims to do without breaking your pockets.

You can find this product at my favorite places to bargain shop Amazon for $52.99, Walmart for $52.99 .


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