Choose the right IT Support Company for your business in 3 easy steps


Everybody talks about technology, but not everybody knows how to manage it.

Most Small business owners are handling their own technical support for many different reasons. One of the main reasons we see is having a small budget. In some aspects, the less money spent the better, however, it isn't the best way to go for the growth of your business. Having steady support can build your tech backbone, reduce unnecessary time spent on technical mishaps, and save you money in the long run. Hiring the right IT Support will save you during an emergency and aid in the growth of your business.

Have you ever started working on something and everything was going wrong?

Scanner isn't scanning, printer isn't printing, internet isn't connecting, computer isn't turning on, and the worst of them all you have a big nasty virus.

Don’t let these technical pains interfere with the growth of your business. You don't want to wait until something breaks to find a Support person to assist you. Learn how to identify when you need professional help and how to choose the right type of help. Different companies have different technology needs and every IT Support may not offer the same services. If you have less than 5 people in your company, you may need occasional tune-ups, simple software support, or annual guidance with a technology strategy. A company with 100 computer users would benefit from a full time technician and may need more complex support.

No matter the level of assistance your company needs, you want to build a relationship before making plans for your future. At Go-Teks, we do more than technical support. We become one with the company and translate everyday business needs into technology that will help the company we partner with grow. We understand what it's like to depend on technology, so you can depend on us to keep things running for your business. Here are a few steps to get you started.

Realizing your needs is important

If you don't know what your company needs you may waste money on services that aren't necessary for your business. All businesses need an IT Support.

Where do I look

This could be hard for many individuals/organizations, not knowing which way to start and what to look for can seem complex, but it isn't. Start by asking your clients or partners for recommended IT Support. Try online directories like YELP, Craigslist, and Google. If you work with a particular brand, check the manufactures website for local partners or resellers that offer office support. Do your own research to make sure the company will match the needs of your business.

What should I look for

You are looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, professional that knows what they are doing. You'll need regular updates and maintenance. When you get your car serviced, you wouldn't go to any place because they are cheaper. In fact, you’re looking for a quality professional that will get the job done right, without breaking anything else. Maintaining the technology for your business is no different from the process you have to maintain your vehicle. Don’t take a chance on your business. Do you want broader access, increased reliability, and security? We make I.T. happen.

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