4 Services Provided by Go-Teks Technology

Go-Teks Technology doesn’t just deal with computer repair. Our IT consulting package includes several services that could help you grow your business.

On-Site/Remote Servicing

Go-Teks Technology offers on-site servicing for businesses that need an IT support team to come in and physically fix a problem. We can also tell if your specific IT problem will require phone assistance. Our phone assistance allows us to connect remotely to your compute,phone, and tablet. This is our most popular option, because everything can be done over the internet.

Hardware/PC Installations

Most employees aren’t comfortable with installing hardware, like printers, network installation and etc... Many IT problems stem from poor setups, so Go-Teks makes it a point to make sure that your hardware is installed correctly. When necessary, we come to your business to get your hardware sorted out.

1-on-1 Business Consulting and Technology Strategies

A big part of IT consulting has nothing to do with troubleshooting. Go-Teks also helps you come up with business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

In addition, we’ll discuss some long-term IT solutions for your business. Based on your budget, wants, and needs, we’ll help you decide if things like cloud storage and VoIP are right for you.

Personalized Support for Employees

Most businesses have employees that are tech-savvy and ones that can’t tell how to power on a phone/computer. Go-Teks makes sure that all of your employees know how to use essential devices and programs.

For example, if you have a VoIP system, we will show your employees how to make calls and set their voicemail up. We’re always ready to provide manual assistance when needed.

To talk more about Go-Teks Technology IT Services , or anything else, please contact us.

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