Why You're Still Broke

Why are some people rich and some people poor? It' isn't because the rich was giving a golden ticket with a secret code to access more money or initiated into some big secret group in exchange for their talents. Being wealthy financially, is an open opportunity for anyone. It is a real lifestyle that only a few will master. So, if there's an unlimited amount of resources available to everyone, why are some people poor and only a few are rich? It is because the rich people did something the poor people wouldn't do. They Got up...Changed their habits. If you look at all successful people, even the ghetto ones, you understand the one change they all have in common, they changed their habits. They changed their sphere of influence. They changed their mindset.

Changing your mind is one thing but changing your habits creates instant success. Think about the determined woman who wants to lose her baby weight. The first thing she does is change her mindset; she is determined to lose weight. She will do what it takes to get into that new dress. She wants it. After setting her mind, she changes her habits. She turned down the invitations to Golden Corral, threw out the junk food stored in the kitchen cabinets, and signed up to be in a place with like-minded individuals, the gym.

Home girl dropped 5 lbs in a week. The pounds she lost may not show in the mirror, but she feels the difference, she is motivated to keep going. Thanks to the new friends at the gym for showing her other ways to achieve her goal, she has developed a habit that allows her to reach her end goal. It doesn’t stop there, she is surrounded by like minded individuals and has no interest in going back to living to eat. This scenario, may nor be your story. What ever your story is, this article is written to make more people aware of what it takes to be successful in everything you do.

This article isn’t just for the broke people, it is for anyone that is stuck in a situation they WANT to get out of. They are tired of shopping in the plus size section, tired of counting their dollars before the next check, tired of wasting years not living in their true purpose.

How can you make a change? Let’s start with a self-audit. Name the 5 people you spend the most time with? List what you have in common? List each of their strengths/rich habits they possess that you could learn from. If you can’t come up with anything, then you need to start changing your inner circle.

It is way easier than it sounds. I'm not telling you to go cold turkey, cutting everyone in your circle off. I am just saying, if you are not growing, not being fed anything that will help you grow, you don’t see any habits that you want to emulate, then you’re losing. The way you can start eliminating people who are not going to help you get to the next level, is to stop attending every invitation to meet up or hang out. Sign up for events that have speakers that have reached million-dollar status. Or if you want to be an Entrepreneur, attend the business meetings in your area. See how others are doing it. Join groups that have members who are better than you. If you want to be a millionaire, why are you sitting around talking about money to a broke person.

Not sure who to cut off first; if all you do when you get together with your friends is gossip, YOU NEED TO CUT IT.

The moral of this story is you are not where you want to be because you are not what you need to be. Lyfe Jennings said it better: “Be the person you wanna find. Don’t be a nickel lookin’ for a dime.”

Change starts with you first. If you want to be successful you must make the decision to change. You must get around people that are already where you want to be and emulate their rich habits. Next step get rid of all the bad apples. Stop associating with the people you don’t want to be like. The best part in this transition, is many of the people you currently associate with, will cut themselves before you get a chance to. They are not going to get you to the next level.



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